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 Cuztomize your Flash Drive

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PostSubject: Cuztomize your Flash Drive   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:49 am

How to Display an Image Background on your Flash Drive

1.) Open your Flash Drive.

2.) Inside your Flash Drive, open a blank Text Document [press right click --> New --> Text Document]
and Copy the code below:

IconArea_Image=\Folder Settings\mybackground.jpg

3.) Save the Text Document as " desktop.ini ", then Close. You can delete the Text Document.

4.) Create a Folder [press right click --> New --> Folder].
Change the file name as " Folder Settings ".

5.) Copy the picture/s you want to use as background and paste it on the " Folder Settings" folder.

6.) In the folder named "Folder Settings", choose the picture you want to use, and copy the file name.

7.) Open the file named " desktop.ini " and find this code " IconArea_Image=\Folder Settings\mybackground.jpg "

8.) Replace the word " mybackground " of the file name of the picture you copied, save it and close the file.

9.) Click on " Refresh " [press right click --> Refresh or Simply press F5]. If doesn't work, just close your flash drive and open it again.

10.) Hide the Folder Settings and desktop.ini.
How to Hide: click on its properties [press right Click --> Properties]. In General Tab, Check the checkbox named " Hidden ", then Click "OK" and Reresh.
Do this on both " Folder Settings " and " desktop.ini "

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PostSubject: Re: Cuztomize your Flash Drive   Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:09 am

nice one pipz...
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Cuztomize your Flash Drive
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